Our Story

Jimmy Lim

Founder and Managing Director

In 2008, Jimmy began his career in the real estate industry. Quickly becoming recognised as a top performing sales agent, Jimmy soon started to notice there was a gap between the real estate transaction and the level of service that was provided to the Clients where he was employed.

Passionate about providing an authentic and professional real estate experience, in 2019, Jimmy decided it was time to open his own agency (Areal Property) so he could control the experience his clients received throughout their Real Estate journey.

Jimmy’s vision was to build an agency that not only provided professional real estate transactions with integrity but one that would re-write history and provide the old-fashioned, personalised customer service experience for his clients.

Since the establishment of Areal, our success has been defined by customer centricity and our genuine ability to provide the highest level of integrated property services for members of our community. We believe that trust is maintained not only by the connections to the property, but the real relationship that is built between our clients and our team.

Over the last three years, Areal has now expanded to three office locations within the Greater Melbourne Area – Box Hill, Hawthorn and Point Cook with over 2,000 properties under management and over $1.32 billion dollars in property value. Whether you need specialist services in sales, property management or strategic investment, each member of our team is committed to providing the best service to our clients – from the beginning to the end of their property transaction.