The AREAL Team

Shaun Young

Relationship manager

Shaun Young, Relationship Manager at Areal Property, is dedicated to efficiently managing clients' properties, ensuring peace of mind and exceptional tenancies. Inspired by successful individuals, he embodies hard work, loyalty, trustworthiness, and reliability, earning respect from clients and colleagues.

Described as funny, happy, and helpful, Shaun's positive attitude benefits the Areal Property team. His core skills in time management and strategic planning enable precise client care.

Shaun's notable career shift from hospitality to real estate showcases adaptability and determination. Beyond work, he enjoys wrestling and family time, driving his passion for excellence.

Shaun envisions growth at Areal Property, motivated by his drive for improvement and impact in the real estate sector. With qualifications and a swift transition to property management, Shaun assures clients of unmatched service and support, committed to smooth, successful real estate journeys.