Tenancy Forms

Tenant’s notice of intention to vacate

A Notice of Intention to Vacate is simply a letter to the landlord that states the date you will be leaving. This date must be 28 days from the day that the landlord receives the notice. This means that if you send the notice by mail rather than giving it in person, you need to allow extra days for delivery.


Direct Debit

Areal property is collaborating with our beloved tenants to create a quick and secure payment method.

For the ease of the complicated and time-consuming paying process, we would like to provide a simple and hassle-free Direct Debit service for you and strongly recommend this method for your monthly rental payment. To make it even easier, you can also arrange for funds to be debited from your nominated credit card, just choose your preferred method.


Financial hardship amid Covid-19

New laws help protect you as a tenant from eviction and allow you to negotiate a rent reduction with your landlord if you’re suffering financial hardship due to coronavirus (COVID-19).

Areal Property concerns all customers. If you are facing some difficulties from the cause of Covid-19 pandemic, let us know, Areal will walk with you throughout the difficult times.