According to the latest updates, the states and territories were intent on putting a six-month moratorium on evictions, for residential Renters in our case, during the coronavirus pandemic.

The moratorium means that Residential Renter Providers are not allowed to ask the renter to leave the property because of coronavirus. On the other hand, this may create high stress on Residential Renter Providers who must repay mortgages.

In view of this decree, Areal acts proactively to mitigate the hardships from our Residential Renter Providers and renters. Areal will also keep all communication and agreed terms via email to protect all clients from possible dispute.

Please note that the reconciliation cannot replace the previous lease agreement, but to be regarded as an interim agreement reached by both parties for their common interests.

If a renter requests a rent reduction or repayment, Areal will actively reconcile the issue as a mediator to make sure that no one is left uncared during the moratorium period.

If renters on a fixed-term tenancy want to leave the property sooner, due to lost employment or income. They should contact our property manager to send a message to Residential Renter Providers to negotiate an early end to the agreement. 

If you are considering eviction for other reasons, we encourage you to contact us to seek advice.

If eviction cannot be avoided, we will act on your behalf:

  • to follow the correct process
  • to give the appropriate amount of notice

Areal can also assist you with getting your property insured, it is a worthwhile option to protect your wealth from the contingencies during the pandemic period.

Although the virus is tearing us apart, our souls have never been closer. We wish everyone to stay compassionate. The time has been hard for everyone, especially for Residential Renter Providers and Renters. Areal Property shares the same sentiment and will do everything in our power to maintain a good life for those struggling.

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