Landlord Information

At Areal, our landlords enjoy complete peace of mind knowing their investment property is professionally managed by industry experts.

Lease renewal

Areal proactively contacts our landlords and tenants before lease expiry to remind each party that the existing lease is due to expire and ensure a smooth transition

  • Landlords will be contacted 3.5 months prior to lease expiry
  • A thorough rent review will be conducted with each lease renewal
  • The renewal of a fixed-term tenancy agreement will be managed to completion at least 28 days prior to the previous lease’s expiry date
  • Expiring leases will either be renegotiated for another fixed term or rolled over to become a periodic (month-to-month) lease

At Areal, we approach lease renewal with the objective of maximising rental income – while recognising the value of retaining a quality tenant and avoiding the cost and inconvenience of frequent tenant turnover. We’ll also look to ensure your property’s lease expires at a time of the year when demand is usually high, in an effort to avoid vacancy.

Managing arrears

Communication. Our tenants receive a daily SMS and email from the time they are 4 days in arrears. Our arrears handling procedure also includes emails sent at every alternate day as reminder, and phone calls if the rent remains unpaid. Our property manager will also contact the tenant start from the 4th day to further chase up the arrears.

Prevention is better than arrears. Our property manager will thoroughly check potential tenants’ during the tenant selection process and maintain a positive relationship with tenant to encourage tenants to uphold their rental agreement. We stress to tenants that it’s important to keep us informed if they expect there may be an issue with late payment and emphasise that landlords will look more favourably upon a tenant who forewarns us about potential late payment.

Limited tolerance. We maintain a low-to-zero arrears list by having clear policies, strong communication and flexible payment options. We manage arrears on a case-by-case basis, particularly if there are genuine circumstances, and the tenant has been proactive in their communication.

Repairs and maintenance

Repairs and maintenance are an inevitable part of owning a rental property. Your dedicated property manager will take care of all maintenance requests, liaising with your tenant and our network of trusted tradespeople to address any issues fast. We’re committed to responding to maintenance requests quickly and obtaining competitive quotations.

At Areal, we use leading cloud-based property management software PropertyMe to ensure our tenants and landlords enjoy a seamless experience. With PropertyMe, maintenance jobs can be assigned in a few easy steps, and your property manager can share images and messages with you and relevant suppliers or tradespeople. Tenants can also view all property and lease information and lodge maintenance requests via a secure tenant portal.

Smoke alarm solutions

It’s essential that your property manager understands the rules and regulations for smoke alarms in any rental properties you own. In Australia, smoke alarm regulations can differ depending on the state your investment property is in.

At Areal, we’re well-versed in state and federal smoke alarm legislation and will ensure your property is compliant and your obligations as a landlord are met. We work with leading smoke alarm service providers to deliver a comprehensive annual smoke alarm check for all properties.


Insurance for your rental property is optional, but we strongly recommend that you obtain an insurance policy to protect both your investment property itself and the income you derive from it.

If you’re part of an owner’s corporation, you may only need landlord insurance; otherwise, you’re best protected with both building insurance and landlord insurance policies.

We work with top Australian insurance providers Property Insurance Plus and EBM Insurance, which allows us to provide our landlords with high-quality, secure cover. We can also manage quotes, applications, renewals and claims on your behalf.

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